Carpet Connoisseur

Mukesh Chand Pandit

A name synonymous with respect, quality, purity and trustworthiness of innumerable collectors and customers who cherish the finest Kashmiri carpets.

Mukesh Chand Pandit is a sought-after name for those who look to furnish their homes and businesses with carpets giving them the ultimate look and feel of luxury.

Working 11 years in various 4-5 star hotels and 18 years in advising foreign tourists from Europe, East Asia and North America on best tailored, handmade and hand-knotted carpets Mukesh Chand Pandit has an extensive experience and knowledge of preferences clients make world over when it comes to selecting the most beautiful rugs.

Feel enthralled to stop by and send Mukesh a hello. He will consult you on the most exquisite handmade Kashmiri carpets and artworks on Earth.

"Make it stand out from the rest!!"

Carpets of Silk, Wool and Cotton
A collection for every setting


Boutique Hotels


Spas and Salons


Winter getaway

Summer retreat

"A Magnificient Collection"

Some of the favorite ones

Pure Silk

Silk Cotton

All Wool


A Wide Range


The alluring mélange of the enchanting valley of Kashmir is inseparable from the exquisite workmanship of handmade, hand-knotted carpets and rugs that are available in an astonishing collection of diverse colors, designs, and sizes, hence we have the largest collection from carpets of Kashmir.

In addition to our well-stocked Delhi showroom, you can buy oriental carpets online with quality certificate (RugAssure) and free worldwide delivery thru our long term logistics partner

We are leading carpets manufacturers in India, and proudly served hundreds of global and domestic clients for past 50+ years.


Mobile: +91 98991 11912


Address: D-178, Kamla Nagar, Delhi - 110007, India 🇮🇳

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